Alexandra Cosson Moreac Josselin- Viral Partner Stabbing Video

On Twitter, many are expressing their displeasure with Pierre, and the show's infamous video criminal investigation is making the rounds.

After confessing to Alexandra's murder, the man stated that he would have spent many hours cleaning up bloodstains.

And the perpetrator would have returned his victim's car to her residence in the early hours before sending a friend an SMS stating, "Alex has returned home."

His friend's body, on the other hand, was left at home, wrapped in a carpet and bearing the scars of multiple strikes, some of which were stabbed.

The assertion is based on facts. Pierre will eventually plead guilty to homicide by accident, despite all odds.

According to him, Alexandra allegedly proceeded down the stairs before grabbing a knife and killing herself. By attempting to grab the knife from her grip, he would have inadvertently injured her.

Unfortunately, the details surrounding the murders remain a mystery.

Alexandra Cosson Age: How Old Is She?

Alexandra died when she was 30 years old. She hasn't divulged her exact birthdate to the public.

She was a popular TikToker. Alexandra's family and fans have been devastated by her death at such a young age. 

Alexandra Cosson Wikipedia Explored

Alexandra Cosson is not listed on the Wikipedia official page. She is a famous TikToker.

On the internet, there is less information about Alexandra.

Alexandra Cosson spent the evening of September 11, 2020, with her sister. She posted a video of herself leaving her sister's house, claiming to be on her way home.

Many individuals, including Pierre, saw the video. Alexandra met Pierre while shopping by coincidence, and he was a childhood friend of hers.

Pierre used to keep a close eye on her account and took advantage of the opportunity to invite her over for a drink.

Alexandra had no idea what was about to happen to her and had no concept of what was going to happen to her.

Something happened at Pierre's house, and the next morning he called the cops and confessed to the murder of Alexandra.

Alexandra Cosson Family: Who Are They?

Alexandra Cosson has not given the media any information about her parents. She has kept her information private and has refused to share it with the public.

When it comes to her personal life, she has maintained a high level of secrecy. As a result, the identities and occupations of her parents are unclear.

There is no information about her family to suggest whether or not she has siblings.