Who Are Britain Covey Parents? 

The American Football player, Britain Covey, was born to Jeri Covey and Stephen Covey in Provo, Utah.

In-depth details of Jeri and Stephen are unavailable at the moment. But, these parents always remain there to cheer for their son in his matches. 

What must a man wish for except for his loved ones celebrating and encouraging him at his victories and fall? 

Similarly, besides Britain, the couple gave birth to another football player, Stephen Covey. You might be interested to know that not only Britain but his dad, brother, and uncle also played football for Brigham Young University.

Britain Covey Age & Height Explored

Born on March 18, 1997, in America, he enjoys the 24th year of his life in 2021.

The devotion he holds for this game started in his childhood. He knew that his area of expertise in this and not anything else. Driven by this thought, he is now one of the celebrated football players in the country.

Similarly, speaking of height, the wide receiver stands 5feet 8 inches high, accompanied by 170lbs in weight.

NFL Draft Profile On Wide Receiver

One of the prestigious moments in life for football players is to be on the NFL Draft and, Britain Covey holds a secured space there. 

All the information related to his games, education, games, recruitment, and more are available in the draft. You can grab the most out of it if you want to learn about his, games, and other professional details.

Britain Covey Girlfriend or Wife. Is He Married? 

Britain Covey is a married man. He is married to his long-time crush and girlfriend turned wife, Leah Covey. 

The couple married on January 26, 2020. In an Instagram post by Britain Covey, he confessed that he used to stalk Leah's profile and did not dare to send her a message during his freshman at school days.

That means we cannot speak for Leah but, Britain knew his wife since high school, and now both of them are happily married.

Before getting married, the couple dated for several months and later tied the knot in 2020.

Wikipedia And Ethnicity Revealed

Unfortunately, Britain does not have a feature on Wikipedia. 

Despite being a well-known football player around the globe, Wikipedia has not given him space on their page.

However, if not Wikipedia, several such websites cover his professional and, personal details on the Internet.

Speaking of his ethnicity, he has not revealed it. He looks like a White but has not confirmed it.

Similarly, as he was born and raised in American, his nationality is American.