Meet Camille and Shandra from Sex Love and Goop- Netflix 

Camille and Shandra are lesbian couples who have taken part in the brand new reality show Sex Love and Goop on Netflix. They want to strengthen their relationship in all the aspect that includes fulfilling their physical and emotional needs. 

They feel blessed to get the opportunity to be featured on Netflix. They are looking forward to getting life-changing tips to improve their sex life and other aspects of their relationship from Darshana Avila, an Erotic Wholeness Coach. 

They both have so many things in common and had a love at first sight when they met. However, they have not shared a few things due to awkwardness, which they are determined to reveal through the show. 

They are highly praised for the courageous step that they have taken. Camille and Shandra will surely inspire many other lesbian couples to open up about their sexuality and be confident in their relationship. 


Camille and Shandra Age Explored- Are they Married?

The reality show contestants Camille Slusher and Shandra are around their 30s and are not married in 2021. However, Camille has recently proposed to her long-time partner as she happily accepted the proposal, and both of them are engaged. 

The proposal was a very well-planned event, and it took place in Laguna Beach, California. It was a special moment for both of them while they got excited and a bit nervous while presenting the ring. 

The photos of them exchanging rings have gone viral on the Internet. They have been receiving a lot of blessings and best wishes from their well-wishers on the platform. 

Sex Love and Goop: Find Camille and Shandra on Instagram 

Camille Slusher and Shandra Barrera are both active on the Instagram handle. They have openly shared their relationship on their profile and frequently share their life events and activities. 

Recently, the couple has been giving updates from their recent participation in the reality show. We can spot them together in almost every picture they share on their Instagram and are often seen traveling to amazing destinations.