Kelvin Joseph Age: How Old Is The Athlete?

As of 2021, Kelvin is 22 years of age.

He celebrates his birthday on the 11th of November. His full date of birth is the 11th of November 1999.

According to astrology, Kelvin's zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Additionally, Kelvin stands at a towering height of 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs about 192 pounds. He uses his physical attribute the most to give match-winning performances day in and day out.

Is Kelvin Joseph Married? His Wife Details 

When it comes to his dating life, he is very vocal about his privacy and secretive.

He has not spilled the beans on the details of his wife or married life on the media. There has not been any kind of relationship rumor linked with him lately.

Kelvin is busy in his professional life and is dedicated to making a healthy and long career. He is not fast-forwarded towards his dating life.

Is Kelvin Joseph Fond Of Rap? His Rap Name Revealed 

Kelvin is also popularly known for his rap name Bossman Fat.

He is intimated with rap music and loves to perform rap in his free time. He explained in an interview that Football is his job while rap music is somewhat of a hobby for him.

Kelvin inherited his rap name during his childhood. His family gave him the name fat as he was born with a weight of 10 pounds. During his middle school, Kelvin added the Bossman. From that point, it was Bossman Fat.

What is Kelvin Joseph Salary? Net Worth Revealed

Talking about his salary, Kelvin is contracted with a salary of 660K US dollars annually.

A footballer's salary differs from person to person according to their skills, experience, stats, and recent form.

With still three years left in his contract with the Cowboys, Kelvin's salary will eventually increase with years to come. He is contracted with a salary of 1 million by the end of 2022 and 1.7 million by the end of his contract in 2024.

Apart from this, Kelvin's net worth has not been revealed by any trusted sources. It is under review.

Meet Kelvin Joseph On His Instagram 

At the moment, Kelvin could not be found on Instagram. Although, we can find him on Twitter under the username @bossmanfat1.

He is an active user of Twitter and has more than 25K tweets from his account. He has created a fanbase of 34.7K people while he only follows about 1066 people.

Kelvin's Twitter feed is full of his professional career. His tweets are centered around his training day, match-day, gym session. He interacts with his fans often through Twitter.