Digga D Stabbing Someone In Dubai, Watch The Video

Due to its violent content, a video of Digga D stabbing someone in Dubai was taken down from the internet.

Rhys Herbert is Digga D's real name. He was born in West London on June 29, 2000. He began creating songs at the age of twelve.

Digga D has stated that Jamaican reggae and dancehall were his primary sources of inspiration.

He was booted out of school in eighth grade after being found in possession of marijuana. He and his friends created the drill group 1011 at a local youth club in Ladbroke Grove in 2015.

Is Digga D In Prison? Jail Update 

According to our sources, Digga D is not currently incarcerated. In recent days, he has been active on his social media accounts.

As a result, the stories about his arrest and imprisonment are fake.

Many internet users speculated that the rapper would return to prison, but that does not appear to be the case this time.

According to reports, the photographs and videos of him being arrested are old evidence that has gone viral on the internet. Furthermore, such speculations have not revealed the precise reason for his imprisonment.

Given the rapper's previous run-ins with the law, it's likely that he'll be hit with arrest news regularly. Digga D acquired notoriety due to being sent to prison three times before the age of twenty.

Will He Get Death Penalty?

No, Digga D isn't in prison. Therefore he can't be facing the death penalty right now.

His legal troubles began in 2017 when he and his crew were sentenced to a year in prison for possessing machetes and baseball bats.

As a result of CBO's 2018 agreements, group members must obtain authorization from the Metropolitan Police before releasing any new song.

CBO also prohibited them from using London postcodes and making references to real-life events and persons in their lyrics.

More On Digga D Girlfriend and Net Worth

Rhys Herbert, better known as Digga D, is presently dating Mya Mills.

According to reports, the couple is in a frigid relationship because they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

In March 2021, they made their relationship public for the first time. On Instagram, Digga published a photo of himself and Mills having a passionate kiss in the past, confirming his relationship with her.

However, according to recent reports, something is going on between the lovebirds. The rumors have not been confirmed by Digga D or Mills.

Digga D's projected earnings are around $192.3K. However, his exact income is unknown.