Who Was GMC Dr Manjunath Desai?

Dr. Manjunath Desai was the acting head of the Goa Medical College Cardiology Department.

He was a seasoned cardiac surgeon who had saved tens of thousands of lives.

Dr. Desai has performed thousands of life-saving procedures. He and his colleagues recently treated a rare heart procedure on a 9-month-old infant to save his life.

Dr. Manjunath Desai's Age In 2021

Dr. Manjunath Desai's actual age when he died is still a mystery.

He was less than 45 years when he died.

According to several obituaries, cardiologist Dr. Manjunath Desai died while suffering a long-term illness.

The news of Dr. Manjunath's death circulated quickly this morning, and messages began pouring in on social media sites.

The news of Dr. Manjunath Desai's death has startled and saddened many people. 

Is Dr. Manjunath Desai On Wikipedia?

The official Wikipedia article for Dr. Manjunath Desai is yet to be updated with his biography.

During his reign, he had rescued a large number of individuals. His patients and employees all adored him and valued his contributions.

He was also a social media slacker, making it impossible to discover anything about his personal life.

His abilities and commitment, on the other hand, were well-known throughout the state and the country.

About Dr. Manjunath Desai's Family

Until now, Dr. Manjunath Desai hadn't revealed anything about his family to the public.

The seasoned doctor likewise avoided the limelight when it came to his personal life.

Because they are grieving over his loss, his loved ones have stayed mute about his predicament.

However, as soon as we receive further information, we will notify you.

What Was Dr. Manjunath Desai's Net Worth?

Dr. Manjunath Desai's net worth is still under review.

His sole source of income was his vocation. As of now, his supplementary source of income is unknown.

Based on his lifestyle, he might have earned more than $50,000.