Who Is Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano?

Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano is an American professional boxer who leads with the right hand and guards with the left. He has played eight matches until now and has lost only two.

He started his professional career on February 21, 2020, against Wayna Reid and came out victorious. Sadly, he lost right after that on March 14, 2020, against Angel Ilarraza.

Harry then maintained the win streak by defeating Cade Howell, John David Carrion Rodriguez, Robert Burwell in 2020.

Unfortunately, his win streak was again broken in his first match of 2021, as Harry took corner retirement (RTD) against Quatavious Cash on April 03.

Harry has again brought his win streak to two by defeating Arnold Hill and Thomas Turner, where he won by T.K.O. against Hills and by K.O. against Turner.

Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano Age: How Old Is He?

Cruz is 26 years old as of now.

Cruz was born in 1996, but his exact birth date is not revealed to the public. Likewise, there is also no information about his childhood anywhere on the web.

Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano Height: How Tall Is He?

Harry Keenan is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm tall, according to his profile on boxrec.com.

However, other information like his weight, reach, etc., is not exposed to the public yet.

Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano Wikipedia: Is He Listed There?

No, the boxer is not listed on Wikipedia as of now. However, with his skills and talent for boxing, he will surely be acknowledged and listed there in no time.

The boxer is active on social platforms like Instagram as he frequently updates his fans about his upcoming fight there. He goes by the handle @henrymoore6614 there.

Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano is excited for his upcoming match, seen through his Instagram posts.

The only question is, Can Harry maintain his win streak, or will it be broken yet again? Well, you can tune into ESPN on January 15 to find out.

Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano Nationality: Where is The Boxer From?

Harry Cruz is originally from Puerto Rico and was a Boricuas. However, the boxer moved to Florida, the U.S.A., to pursue his boxing dream and is of American Nationality as of 2022.

However, the professional boxer has not revealed his ethnicity to his fans yet.