How Tall Is Aimsey? Twitch Height Comparison

On January 20, 2021, Aimsey announced on Twitter, disclosing her height, where she remarked, "My community's discovery of my height of 4'11" is both a benefit and a concern."

"Yes, I'm short, and yes, I'd still trample on you... just accept it!" 

Since October 22, 2021, she has been all over the internet, with people comparing her height to her friend, Amboo.

The chaos had begun in Tubbo's enormous Halloween life, where Aimsey and Amboo were seen together.

Every individual on Twitter is getting mad over their height comparison. However, Aimsey has not addressed the issue or even cared to reply on the topic. 

Does She Have a Girlfriend- What's Her Age?

Aimsey has been open about her sexuality. She calls herself a lesbian and has been dating a girl named Serena. 

The couple is known to have been dating since October last year. However, we couldn't find any picture of them together. Furthermore, we were unable to track Serena's social media handle. 

Born on December 11, 2001, she will be 20 years old after the next two months. 

Aimsey also has a sister ad an amazing, supporting grandma, who participates in all her madness games in the house. 

She has 28.5k followers on Instagram and 3.2 million followers on TikTok


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Explore Aimsey, The Twitch Streamer's Net Worth 

As a child, she appeared in British television shows such as Torchwood, Casualty, and Tess of the D'Urbervilles. In 2021, her popularity will be at an all-time high.

Her estimated net worth is one million dollars. Her principal source of income is her Twitch broadcasting account.

Twitch has proven to be a vital source of revenue because consumers can pay money directly to their favorite players without going through a third party.

Sponsorship further adds up to her net worth, as her followers are increasing as rapidly as possible.