Is Jasmine Chiswell From TikTok Pregnant?

Jasmine Chiswell is expecting a child. She has been pregnant for five months, and we can learn more about her pregnancy through her TikTok videos.

The pair did a gender reveal in her most recent video. In the video, Jasmine blows away the ballon, which transforms into Blue, revealing that the couple is expecting a boy.

They've tried a few different methods to figure out the baby's gender.

Jasmine and Maverick took on various trials before eventually disclosing the baby's gender, including swinging the ring and adding it up.

Who Is Jasmine Chiswell's Husband?

Jasmine Chiswell, a TikTok star, is married to Maveric McNeilly. 

Maverick is passionate about music. According to reports, he is a music producer by trade, and he works out of the United States.

He may also be found on social media. Maverick has become more famous on TikTok and Instagram in recent days due to his throwback fashion sense and amusing dancing abilities.

Jasmine Chiswell turned her husband into a social media star. Maverick's videos and fans have exploded since he began to appear in videos with his famous wife.

Jasmine Chiswell's Age In 2021

On December 9, 1993, Jasmine Chiswell was born. She is 27 years old.

Similarly, she was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in the United Kingdom.

Jasmine has kept her family facts private, with little information about his father and mother.

Her father works for the government, while her mother is a stay-at-home parent.

She also has an older brother and a younger brother.

Who Is TikToker Jasmine Chiswell?

Jasmine Chiswell, a Scotswoman, uses TikTok to publish Marilyn Monroe-inspired videos with great hit tunes from the decades.

Jasmine began her TikTok account in February 2020, and it currently has over 13 million followers.

As of 2021, she has 557.4 million likes on her profile titled Jasmine Chiswell.

Chiswell's TikTok videos generally revolve around her pregnancy updates and healthy eating habits.

Her uploaded videos and accounts have racked up many views and streams, making her TikTok's most popular content provider.

Her family migrated to the United States when she graduated from Local Scotland High School.

She began her fashion profession after graduating while living in the Los Angeles region.

Jasmine began her acting and modeling career at an early age, and her youtube channel has dubbed her Miss Scotland.