Kelechi Okafor Husband: Is She Married? 

Kelechi Okafor and her partner are not married, but they are engaged. 

She was criticized on social media for having a white fiance, which some claimed she was concealing.


Many enraged admirers attacked her online. Since Kelechi is a strong advocate for black rights, having a white partner made her appear hypocritical in the eyes of her supporters.


Kelechi has given birth to a baby boy with her fiance. His name is Lew, and he was born on September 1st. 

Okafor has always hidden his face every time she uploads a picture of him. 

Kelechi Okafor Age Revealed

The speaker's age, Kelechi Okafor, has been roughly estimated by a number of sources.

Because the Nigerian native has not announced her age or given information about her birthday, her precise age is unknown.

She seems to be in her thirties. 


Kelechi has been living in London since she was five years old.

Kelechi Okafor Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Her 

Kelechi Okafor's Wikipedia entry is not ready. Nonetheless, we have gathered information about her to provide a better and more complete picture of her life and career.

Kelechi earned a 2:1 BA in Drama and Theater Studies with a minor in Law from the prestigious BRIT School of Performing Arts. She specialized in musical theater and English literature. 

Okafor was an avid runner who represented her regional county in the 200m dash as an air cadet.

Kelechi has made a name for herself as a powerful personal trainer, pole dancing teacher, dance innovator, and studio owner.

She has a Peckham studio where she teaches pole dancing and twerk. In addition, as well as writing articles for various magazines. Okafor has freely explored race, parenthood, and oppression in her work.


She was named Fitness Queen of the Year at the Precious Lifestyle Awards in 2018. She won two Screen Nation awards in 2019: Best Social Media Personality and Best Podcast.

Moreover, Kelechi is the host of the podcast "Speak Your Mind." She provides her thoughts on pop culture and current events every Monday on this show.

There are almost 100 episodes of the podcast.

Kelechi Okafor Nationality And Ethnicity 

Kelechi Okafor is of British nationality.

Kelechi's parents were Nigerian nationals. Her family emigrated from Nigeria and now possesses British citizenship.

Okafor belongs to one of the country's largest ethnic groups, which are Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. 

Meet Kelechi Okafor Parents 

Kelechi Okafor has not introduced her parents to the public or her social media accounts. Her Instagram handle, @kelechnekoff, includes no images of her father or mother.

She has not invaded their privacy.