Laura Fournier Age In 2021

Laura Fournier's age appears to be between 25 and 35 years old based on her features.

Although she appears to be in the same age range as her husband, Evan, Laura's exact age and birthdate have yet to be revealed to the public.

Laura will be in her mid-twenties to early-thirties, based on Evan's age of 28.

Is Laura Fournier On Wikipedia?

Laura Fournier's Wikipedia page is missing on its official site.

Laura Fournier, Evan Fournier's wife, is rumored to be a model and the athlete's housewife.

Although the lady's specific professional information is unknown, her model photoshoots may be discovered on various sources and websites.

When it comes to their marriage, Evan and Laura appear to have married roughly three years ago.

They are frequently photographed together at numerous events and gatherings, as well as traveling to other locations.

They have a gorgeous child together, as well.

About Laura Fournier's Husband And Children

Laura Fournier's husband's name is Evan Fournier. The couple has a son together.

Her husband is a professional basketball player with the National Basketball Association's New York Knicks (NBA). From 2007 to 2009, he was a youth basketball player at the French INSEP program.

Fournier was born in Saint-Maurice, a tiny neighborhood of Paris, on October 29, 1992.

His mother is of Algerian heritage, while his father is French. 

Thanks to the 2001–02 Sacramento Kings squad, he became interested in basketball in 2002.

In homage to then-Sacramento King Mike Bibby, Fournier wears the number 10 on his jersey.

What Might Be Laura Fournier's Net Worth?

Laura Fournier's net worth is unknown. However, she is estimated to be worth between $900,00 and $1 million.

In truth, no official sources have looked at the woman's actual net worth.

Her principal source of income is likewise a mystery since she appears to be a part-time model.

On the other hand, her spouse Evan is said to have a net worth of $78 million, according to SI.