Does Na Rin An Have Wikipedia?

No, the golfer Na Rin An doesn't have a dedicated Wikipedia bio to this date.

Even though the South Korean athlete has been impressive in her career to this date, An is yet to make it into the bigger stage which might be the reason for her lack of a Wikipedia page.

Na Rin is currently ranked at no. 69 according to Rolex Ranking while her best ever rank is revealed to be 63.

Besides this, there are also other sources online that consists of information about the golfer.

How Old Is Na Rin An?

The South Korean golfer Na Rin An's age is believed to be 24- 25 years old.

USGA while talking about her debut in U.S. Women's Open last year has revealed Na Rin to be 24 years old.

However, it doesn't mention the exact birthdate of the lady. Hence, it is unknown if she has turned 25 this year or not.

Apart from her age, any other information regarding her early age and childhood are yet to be explored.

Does Na Rin An Have A Husband?

As things stand, Na Rin An doesn't seem to have a husband as she is probably unmarried.

Likewise, she is believed to be single and apparently doesn't have a boyfriend as well.

This can be said since there are no reports online that mentions the lady being married to anyone or even having a boyfriend. 

Likewise, she cannot be found on social media platforms as well due to which it is pretty difficult to get an idea about her dating life.

Regardless, the subject of Na Rin An's husband or boyfriend is open for discussion as she has maintained a low key internet profile.

What Is Na Rin An Net Worth?

Considering her achievements, Na Rin An's net worth is estimated to be around $1- $5 million.

However, no sources have yet confirmed the actual net worth value of the South Korean golfer.

Hence, the above-mentioned figure is only approximate based on her career.

On the other hand, the winner of the BMW Ladies Championships is reported to take home a sum of $2 million.