What Does Neil Robertson Lockdown Hair Look Like? Photos Explored 

The professional snooker player, Neil, makes sure he is the talk in the room for his hairstyle. Presently, the athlete is rocking the perm hairstyle, which is going viral. He was usually seen with his blonde hair flattened down.

However, the restriction on COVID made him creative about his hairstyle. In March of 2021, Neil amazed the snooker community with his win against Ronnie O Sullivan with his new lockdown hair.

The previously straight hair had completely turned into a curly, a prem with particular. Twitter, alongside other social media, was full of Neil's hairstyle appreciation.

Is It A Hair Piece Or Does The Athlete Wears A Wig?

No, Neil does not wear a hairpiece or wig. The athlete flaunts his natural blonde hair. Although, there was a rumor of him wearing the wig. However, those rumors were false.

The former World champion even answered that his hair was natural in an interview. However, his hairstyle has been a sensation to watch out for. His fans are copying his hairstyle as a fashion sense.

Neil Robertson Age: How Old Is The Athlete?

As of 2022, Neil is 39 years of age. The snooker player celebrates his birthday on the 11th of February. He was born in the year 1982 in Australia.

His career highlight is the snooker star's tremendous journey of champion in the 2010 Worlds championship and Masters in 2012 is his career highlight.

Additionally, Neil stands at a towering height of 6 feet tall. Considering his advantage in physical reach, Neil specializes in beautiful and unique snooker shots.

Meet Neil Robertson On Instagram 

Being a renowned personality, Neil is quite popular on Instagram and can be found with the username @nr147.

The snooker star has created a fanbase of 92K people with his professional 620 posts. The verified user only follows about 300 people on the platform.

Neil's Instagram wall is full of his professional life. He makes sure his fans are updated about his important professional life events. People love to have a look at his wall and shower him with love and comment.