Olympic Athlete: Brandon Frazier Age

Olympic Athlete Brandon was born on November 19, 1992.

Brandon was born in the Arizona city of Phoenix. From 1998 to 2004, he competed as a roller skater in various competitions. 

Denney was off the ice for six weeks before returning in October 2015 after beginning physical therapy and not putting any weight on her right leg. 

Marina Zueva and her team in Canton, Michigan, helped Frazier hone his skating skills during this period. 

Denney began experimenting with jumps in late November when he was still limited to simple stroking and crossovers.

Details On Brandon Frazier Career

As roller skaters, Brandon Frazier and Haven Denney first formed a partnership in 2002.

It was during this time that they were coached by Jim Peterson and Lyndon Johnston as figure skaters.

While competing at the juvenile level for two seasons they were promoted to the intermediate level and won bronze in 2008.

The skaters decided to break up because their families were located in different states.

In 2010–11, while skating with Mandy Garza, Frazier finished 8th at an ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Austria and 5th at the 2011 U.S. Championships for junior women's figure skaters.

In February 2011, Garza and Frazier announced the dissolution of their partnership.

What Is Brandon Frazier Net Worth In 2022?

Brandon has an estimated net worth of around 3 to 5 million dollars.

He is a national player and most of the time he is highlighted for his performances as well.

Frazier is also an Olympic athlete by which we can assume that he has a huge net worth which is yet to be verified.

Brandon Frazier On Instagram

Brandon Frazier can be found on Instagram with an account name @brandon_f1992.

Frazier has shared a bio on Instagram and it is "2x US pair champion and 2013 World jr pair champion, love hanging with friends and traveling."

His Instagram contains 47 posts and 5436 followers altogether.

Meet Brandon Frazier Parents

Brandon's parent's details are not publicly available and there are also not many details on Brandon's Instagram.

His former partner is Haven Denney and they are currently living together.

With his former partner, Haven Denney, he has four Grand Prix medals to his credit, as well as the 2013 World Junior title and the 2017 U.S. National Championship.