Pastor: Who Is Curtis Bankston Griffin GA? 

Curtis Bankston is a local man who was arrested by the Griffin police department.

He claimed to be a Pastor and encouraged his locals to join his Care Home.

Curtis was running an unlicensed personal Care home. under the guise of a church known as One Step of Faith 2nd Chance.

The situation came to light after the Griffin fire department and Spalding Regional EMS were called to the couple's home on 13th Jan, because of an individual seizure.

The Emergency personnel was unable to enter the door because of the lock and the police department have to climb through the window to open the door.

Curtis Bankston Griffin Wife: Who Is Sophia Simm Bankston?

Sophia Simm Bankston is the wife of Curtis Bankston.

She is also part of running an unlicensed care home. The couples are working as a caretaker in the care home.

According to the latest news, the disabled individuals who came into the care house for treatment were treated with good care at the beginning.

later, they were injected with a sleeping injection and taken down the basement. The disabled individuals were tied up without their permission and kept for days.

The police station revealed that the Banksters were in control of disabled individual finances, meditations, and public benefits.

How Old Is Sophia Simm Bankston?

Sophia Simm Bankston falls under the age category of 40-50 years of age.

However, there is no exact information to justify this information. She hasn't revealed anything on the media, keeping herself away from the news and media.

Sophia and her husband, Curtis Bankston had taken a lease for 14 months to run an Old care house. However, they were unsuccessful as they got caught by Police.

They created an extreme hazard for disabled individuals, keeping them away from food and water. The individuals couldn't leave the house in case of an emergency.

The division of Aging Service and the Department of Human Services was called and the individuals were shifted to a safe place.

Sophia Simm Bankston and her husband Curtis Bankston were charged with false imprisonment and taken to Spalding country jail. The investigation is still going on.

Curtis Bankston Networth

Curtis Bankston hasn't revealed his total income to date.

He, along with his wife Sophia Bankston run an illegal care house.  They were caught by the Griffen police department.