Who Is Mahadhir Caffoor? Facts On Raeesah Khan Husband

Mahadhir Caffoor has maintained quite a secretive life and not much information about him is available on the net.

Mahadhir Caffoor is married to Raeesah Khan. They both dated for quite a long time and tied knots on July 14, 2018.

After a year of marriage, the couple became parents to their first child in 2019. Likewise, Raeesah gave birth to her second baby in 2021.

Currently, the names of their children have not been disclosed to the public yet.

Furthermore, Mahadhir has completed his graduation and is now a Doctor of philosophy.

We will update this article again when we get more information about Mahadhir Caffoor.

Raeesah Khan And Husband Mahadhir Caffoor Race And Ethnicity

The couple has kept all their details confidential to the public and has maintained a distance from the media.

Therefore, it is hard to accumulate any information regarding the couple’s personal life.

The pair have not mentioned their race and ethnicity anywhere on the web or the social media platform.

However, Raeesah khan’s race and ethnicity can be assumed as her father is of Pakistani ancestry and her mother is from an Arab.

Explore Their Age Difference

The pair haven’t talked about their age difference in public and have remained quite silent regarding their matters.

Probing on the internet, we could just find Raeesah’s age while Mahadhir age is currently unavailable.

Raeesah is currently 27 years old and looking at their wedding photos, her husband also seems to be in a similar age group.

The couple doesn’t seem to have a huge age difference between them.

What Did Raeesah Khan Say?

Raeesah Khan in her recent meeting at the Committee of Privileges told the committee judged by Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin that the WP leaders had told her to keep to the lie.

Khan lied about taking a rape victim to the police and afterward dropping charges saying that officers mishandle a sexual assault case.

She also regrated for relaying the rape victim’s narrative without her permission.

Raeesah khan submitted her resignation letter while admitting the lying in the parliament from the worker's party on 30 November 2021.

It is revealed by the Worker’s Party Central Executive Committee that they knew about the lies the week after her speech but decided to let her set the record.