Who Is Roxanne Shante, Son Kareem? Know About Baby Father

At just the age of 15 years, Roxanne gave birth to a son, Kareem, with her ex-husband James Cross.

From the age of 14 years, Shante was with her baby daddy, James Cross.

Kareem is Roxanne's first and eldest son with her ex-husband, James, who was 18 years older than Shante. 

James was her manager, who had an abusive nature. She revealed that she was physically abused by James, leaving her with a broken rib in a hospital.

As she couldn't take his abusive nature anymore, Shante left James and her two years old son, Kareem, at that time. 

Later, after paying $10,000 to James, she finally released her son from James and got him back. 

Roxanne Shante Husband Jabbar Ali: Are They Still Married?

Since 2017, Roxanne Shante has been married to her present husband, Jabbar Ali, who is stated to be a retired boxer. 

Shante has not shared much information about her marital life. However, she has revealed in an interview with Vlad Tv about her husband, Jabbar, a retired boxer.

There is much information about Jabbar and his career as a boxer on the internet. 

Roxanne Shante and Jabber Ali are spotted together in several events, and they seem to have a great bond and are living happily together. 

Shante has four children, three sons and a daughter. Kareem from her ex-husband and Randy, Chris and Tajze with Jabber Ali. 

Roxanne Shante Net Worth

Roxanne Shante's estimated net worth is around $500 thousand. However, this is just an assumption based on her career; her actual net worth has not been revealed yet. 

Shante and her husband, Jabber Ali, run a non-profit organization, "Mind Over Matter," which basically focuses on mentoring troubled teenagers.