Ruth Batchelor Wikipedia & Songs Explored

Ruth Batchelor was a composer and radio and television reporter who worked on films such as Kid Galahad (1962), Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962), and The Love Machine (1971).

Unfortunately, she does not have her own Wikipedia page but is known for her songs on the internet.

She also wrote other musicals, including a CBS-TV adaptation of "Tom Jones." In 1971, she published "Reviving a Dream," an album of women's liberation songs on Femme Records, which she founded.

Ms. Batchelor was the president and executive director of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for three years after it was created in 1975. She was a film reviewer for National Public Radio and an entertainment reporter for ABC Television's "Good Morning America."

What Happened To Doug Batchelor Mother?

Unfortunately, Ruth Batchelor passed away at South Miami Hospital due to cancer which was confirmed by her husband.

She died on July 23, 1992, at the age of 58, and used to live in Key Biscayne, Florida

Ruth Batchelor Family: Meet Her Husband

Ruth Batchelor was married to and divorced from George Batchelor, an airline magnate.

 She had two sons Falcon, who has also passed away, and Douglas.

Douglas is now better known as Doug Batchelor, a television evangelist and speaker for the Amazing Facts television and radio ministry.

His lengthy and winding journey from anti-social drug user to president of a global ministry has shaped him into a captivating speaker with whom audiences all over the world can identify.

He is the president of Amazing Facts and the lead pastor of Granite Bay Church in California. He hosts the weekly television show Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor and the weekly radio show Bible Answers Live.

Doug could have had anything money could buy as the teenage son of an aircraft magnate, but he couldn't find true serenity and contentment.

He was a disturbed adolescent who fought at school, fantasized about suicide, and eventually ran away from home when he was just 15 years old.

Ruth’s parents are Lil and Albert Tarshis who resided in Las Vegas. She also had a sister named Nev and three grandchildren.