Who Is Shiva Shankar Master Wife? Is He Married?

Yes, Shiva is married to his lovely wife, Suganya.

Although, he has managed not to spill any beans about his wife's details on the media. Suganya is still a mystery for a lot of people. She is popularly known as the wife of dance master Shiva.

Suganya is presently in home isolation after being infected by COVID-19. The couple is very close and is fighting against this pandemic, holding their hands tight.

Apart from this, any updated information about her and her health condition is revealed, we will be the first one to notify you.

Meet Shiva Shankar Master Family And Son

The dance master and his wife is parenting two children together. Their two sons are named Vijay Sivasankar and Ajay Sivasankar.

Presently, the whole family is in quarantine and is infected with the pandemic. Their eldest son Vijay is infected with the virus and is in critical condition at the moment.

While their younger son Ajay is in stable condition and is following compulsory home quarantine, he is pleading with people for donations to cover the expenses of his father and brother's treatment.

Ajay made a statement on the media explaining how his brother and father are lying on the bed in ICU with a tough time following the family.

Shiva Shankar Master Age: How Old Is He?

As of 2021, Shiva is 72 years of age.

The choreographer celebrates his birthday on the 7th of December. He was born in the year 1948 in Chennai, India.

Shiva had dedicated 46 years of his life to the entertainment industry. He had worked with the like of S.S Rajamouli.

Unfortunately, Shiva took his last breath on the 28th of November and left this world at 72.

Shiva Shankar Master Health Update: COVID-19

Shiva was infected with the deadly virus and was in quarantine. Due to complications in his health, he was later shifted to the hospital.

He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), AIG hospital, Gachibowli. According to doctors' reports, 75 percent of Shiva's lungs were infected by the virus.

After 20 days of ICU admission, Shiva was not healing back to his normal state. Sadly, the hospital declared Shiva's death due to the complications on the lungs caused by COVID-19.

We wish strength to the closed ones and pass our deepest condolences to the late dance master Shiva.