West Side Story: Annelise Cepero Wikipedia

Unfortunately, you cannot find the actress on Wikipedia. 

She is not at the peak of her career. Rather than that, making her way towards Hollywood. Since she is a growing actress, a long path destined to Wikipedia is in front of her.

However, some other website like IMDb has written a feature over Annelise Cepero. Similarly, a depth study is possible from her personal website under her name.

Annelise Cepero Age & height

Annelise has not revealed her age but, according to an Instagram post by her boyfriend, Darius Jordan Lee, she celebrates her birthday on August 30.

Looking at the beautiful pictures of her, she seems like a woman in her late 20s.

However, confirmation is yet to come, and she might cover this subject in the upcoming days.

Where Is Annelise Cepero Is She From? 

Annelise Cepero hails from Yonkers, New York.

New York is considered the hub for people who believe and seek a future in art. Annelise is also among those people and is working for the same motive.

Nevertheless, she has not spoken about the location she took birth and grew up. Her native place is unknown.

The multi-talented actress does theatre along with dancing, singing, modeling, and whatnot. 

Family & Parents On Instagram

Until now, Annelise has not communicated about her parents and family. She posts pictures and stories of her family on her Instagram but has not shared their identity.

You can find those pictures on Instagram under her user handle @annelisecepero.