Who Is Brianna Decker Brother Brody Decker?

Brody Decker, like his sister, is an Ice Hockey player. However, Brody has already retired from the Ice Hockey scene.

He was a student-athlete for the Univesity of Wisconsin and part of the Kenai team. He went on to compete in the North American Hockey League with his team, but Brody soon retired after his University ended.

While having an elder sister like Brianna is surely amazing, Brody had felt pressure to keep up with his elder sister. In 2018, when Brody had just graduated, Brianna was already the two-time Olympic medalist. The reason Brody retired is unknown, but maybe sport wasn't his passion since the start.

Brody majored in Justice & Public Policy, and he should be currently working in the same related field.

Brody Decker Age Explored

Brody is about two years younger than his sister Brianna Decker. Broady is currently 28 years old, while his sister Brianna is 30-years-old.

Brody was born on May 26, 1993. He grew up in Dausman, Wisconsin, with his siblings. Brody graduated from Shattuck St. Mary's School and went on to study at the University of Wisconsin. 

For the four years of his college year, he played Ice Hockey in Tier II Junior League. With his graduation in 2018, he ended his college and hockey years altogether.

Brody retired from his Hockey career at age 25.

Brianna Decker And Brody Decker Parents Details

Brody and Brianna's father's name is John Decker, and their mother's name is Marilyn Decker.

While there isn't much information on John and Marilyn, the couple raised their children in Dausman, Wisconsin, and they are still living there to this day.

In 2014, Brody had wished his mom Happy birthday and had mentioned that it was her 50th birthday.

Marilyn Decker should be currently 57 years old.

Brianna Decker And Brody Decker Siblings

Brody has three siblings, including his sister. His two brothers' names are Bryan Decker and Ben Decker.

While it is unknown if Brody is the youngest of the four, he is younger than Brianna and Bryan.

Bryan is currently 33 years old, and Brianna is 30 years old. However, Ben's age is unknown.

Brody is currently the known youngest at age 28 years old.