Who Is Siale Tunoka?

Siale Tunoka is an actor who started his professional career in 2005 and has appeared in various tv series, commercials, and many more.

The actor has played in eight theatre plays, three commercials, six Tv series, and one featured film till now and has also landed his first movie in 2022.

The actor has been contributing to the entertainment industry for 17 years and is not planning to stop anytime soon.

Siale Tunoka Age: How Old Is He?

Siale was born in 1980 and is 42 years old as of 2022.

However, the actor has not revealed his exact date of birth to the public as of now. He is 178 cm tall, but other personal information about him has not been exposed to the public.

Siale Tunoka Biography: Know More About Him

Siale started his professional career at 25 when he first appeared in Disgrace in 2005 in Auckland Theatre Company. It was directed by Colin McColl and has been thriving since then.

He also appeared in the Tv show, 'Various' as Facelift and then only played in theatre shows till 2007.

After some break, Tunoka then appeared in two Tv commercials and one Tv Series in 2010.

He then appeared in Wannabe: Season II as a 'Security Guard' and in Hounds as a Veterinarian in 2011.

He starred in the featured film 'Adrift' in 2017, where he played the role of Customs Agent.

In 2020, he again appeared in the theatre, where he played the role of Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet and played in Talanoa Mai Moana in 2021.

His latest project is 'The Royal Treatment,' where he will be playing the role of 'Everett.'

Siale Tunoka Career Explored

Tunoka is from New Zealand according to his CV found on the web and has various skills like Singer, Tenor, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, among many others.

Siale is also fluent in the Fijian language and can speak in African and Polynesian accents.

Siale has vast experience working on numerous theatre-in-school initiatives and has also worked actively in Auckland and Dunedin's Fortune Theatre for several years.

Tunoka spent four years in Auckland, where he was instrumental in creating and delivering the ASB financial literacy initiative GetWise.

He also created commercials with Air New Zealand and other local Kiwi shows.

He's delighted to be closer to his family and to be able to work on numerous projects while teaching at Tahuna Intermediate.

Siale Tunoka Wife: Is He Married?

Siale seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his wife, as the actor has not shared any information about her anywhere on the web.

Likewise, there is also no information about his family members, siblings, offspring, etc., as the actor has not exposed them to the public.

Meet Siale Tunoka On Instagram

Siale does not seem fond of social media as the actor is not available there.

No legitimate account under his name was found that could be his.